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A beast of a base layer

Angry like a beast, our 8mm vulcanized composition rubber Beast base layer is the most dense base layer option offered by Ecore. Beast is an extremely durable fusion bonded base layer designed for heavy weight drop applications, and provides the ultimate shock absorption.

All about the Beast base layer

  1. itsTRU Technology
  2. Surface Layer

All about the Beast base layer

Key Features

  • Returns a high percentage of energy to the source


When paired with the right surface layer, Ecore's Beast base layer can be applied in a variety of applications.

Strength & Conditioning

Whether you run a Crossfit gym or a strength and conditioning facility, finding durable flooring solutions that will withstand repetitive, heavy weight impact is imperative for your success and the su...

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Athletes agonize over which shoes and equipment will help them perform their best. But what about the surfaces they train on? Ecore’s shock-absorbent, slip-resistant athletic flooring supports their m...

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Your community recreation center is more than just a building. It's a place to build health, wellness, and engagement, while supporting youths and adults for years to come. Shouldn’t the floor you cho...

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Whether your members are going to their first-ever yoga class or working to hit a new personal record, their success begins with your flooring. Ecore's athletic surfaces absorb shock, prevent falls, a...

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Surfacing solutions for every need

When selecting flooring for a fitness, physical therapy or other wellness setting, choosing the right surface is critical to the success of those who use it. Ecore's high-performance flooring options offer unique combinations of benefits for every application—making it the ideal choice across markets.

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