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Keeping people in motion—It’s what we do

Bring world-class durability, safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to your school athletic facility with Ecore. We engineer long-lasting surfaces that surpass industry standards for impact absorption and noise reduction, ensuring the safety and comfort of student-athletes, staff, and fans for years to come.

Enhance your school’s sports program with Ecore
Backed by Powerful Performance

The safety of your student-athletes is your top priority. It’s ours, too. We’ve designed our flooring solutions with a high friction coefficient to prevent falls and fall-related injuries, plus impact-absorbing technology to protect joints and muscles. With Ecore, everyone who uses your facility can stay safe, comfortable, and focused on the competition. And that’s the way it should be.

Endlessly customizable for a great fit

Our cost-effective, easy-to-install flooring is available in a variety of styles for every space in your facility, from gyms and locker rooms to administrative offices and food-service areas. And with colors, logos, and even inlaid turf graphics, you can elevate your athletic program’s brand. Built for people. Best in performance.

Heterogenous Vinyl

Our Heterogenous vinyl flooring products feature a non-porous, printed top layer, providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and a low maintenance cost. All heterogeneous vinyl products are factory fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for increased safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

Safety Vinyl

Ecore’s safety vinyl products feature a highly slip-resistant surface layer, fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for add safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits. These easy-to-maintain surfaces are ideal for wet areas where safety is a priority.

OSST Vulcanized Rubber

Made from vulcanized rubber, Ecore's OSST collection brings years of advanced rubber technology, along with thousands of installations on some of the world’s greatest sports arenas. From tracks and courts to locker rooms and weight rooms, OSST provides the durability, response, and performance needed for students to excel.