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Keep your athletes in motion with Ecore

Whether you’re training collegiate athletes or introducing strength and conditioning for the first time, everyone deserves safe, trustworthy equipment. Flooring is the most commonly used piece of equipment in a facility and should not be overlooked. Ecore brings safety and performance to a new level, allowing coaches to optimize their training without hesitation or limitation. Double the reps, increase the weight, and get more out of your athletes—your flooring can be the foundation for the success of your program.

Floors that support strength and determination
Backed by Powerful Performance

We design our floors with one thing in mind: keeping people in motion. No matter the sport, our portfolio of flooring solutions is here to support your athletes’ efforts to achieve. Through our patented Its-tru technology, we prioritize superior slip-resistance and impact absorption to protect joints and muscles, so athletes stay safe and perform at their peak for longer.

A floor for spaces beyond the weight room

Training rooms, locker rooms, hydro-therapy areas, food-service areas, and more—wherever you need long-lasting, comfort-driven flooring, Ecore’s got a solution. Our easy-to-install products are customizable with inlaid-logos and graphics to meet your needs and vision. Ecore: winning choices from the ground up.

Heterogenous Vinyl

Our Heterogenous vinyl flooring products feature a non-porous, printed top layer, providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and a low maintenance cost. All heterogeneous vinyl products are factory fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for increased safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

Safety Vinyl

Ecore’s safety vinyl products feature a highly slip-resistant surface layer, fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for add safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits. These easy-to-maintain surfaces are ideal for wet areas where safety is a priority.

OSST Vulcanized Rubber

Made from vulcanized rubber, Ecore's OSST collection brings years of advanced rubber technology, along with thousands of installations on some of the world’s greatest sports arenas. From tracks and courts to locker rooms and weight rooms, OSST provides the durability, response, and performance needed to excel.