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Fitness flooring to keep your business in motion

From the strain of a HIIT workout to the calm of yoga’s namaste, your floor should support it all. Enhance your spaces with easy-to-install, simple-to-clean, make-your-room-look-beautiful Ecore flooring. Can you make choices now that will promote fiscal and physical health for years to come? Yes. Your flooring can be the foundation for the success of your business.

Powering bodies, supporting goals
Flooring That Stands Up to a Tough Workout

Whether your clients are gritting through their first spin class or their one-hundredth, they deserve a floor that keeps them safe as they pursue their fitness goals. That’s where we come in. Our performance flooring is engineered with a high friction coefficient to prevent slips and falls and impact-absorbing technology to protect their joints and muscles, so they can do what they love, longer.

Designed to support success

High-performing businesses need high-performing floors. Consider Ecore’s portfolio of flooring solutions for every space in your facility. Lobbies, administrative offices, locker rooms, and fitness studios—we do it all. Built for people. Best in performance.

Performance Vinyl Tile

Ecore's revolutionary Performance Vinyl Tile is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It's safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products.


Ecore’s turf surfaces are designed to provide a complete fitness, functional training and competitive experience. Our turf products are durable, slip resistant and provide added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits when fusion bonded or field united to a base layer.

OSST Vulcanized Rubber

Made from vulcanized rubber, Ecore's OSST collection brings years of advanced rubber technology, along with thousands of installations on some of the world’s greatest sports arenas. From weight rooms to fitness studios, OSST provides the durability, response, and performance needed to excel.