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Hospitality fitness flooring: sweat the details

Your guests are as discerning as you are demanding... and with good reason. When it comes to hospitality fitness, you need flooring that supports your drive and vision, and delivers the best experience. Will every person that runs, climbs, lifts, and stretches in your gym know just how much you care? Yes. From weekend warriors or to hard-core business travelers, your flooring can be the foundation for your success.

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Can flooring help prevent bad reviews? Yes.
Five-Star Flooring Solutions for Your Hotel

Did you know that a hotel’s ability to manage noise is directly related to guest satisfaction? We engineer our surfaces with underlayment to minimize sound transfer within and between rooms, so guests in the business center won’t hear weight drops in the fitness center and everyone, no matter where their rooms are located, can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Think outside the fitness center

Ecore’s unmatched safety, ergonomic, and acoustic technology makes our flooring a great choice for every space in your hotel, indoors and out. Guest rooms, lobbies, business centers, locker rooms, pool decks, and family play and recreation areas—we’ve got you covered. Running a hotel is hard work, but choosing the right floor is easy.

Woven Vinyl

Featuring a woven vinyl surface layer that is fusion bonded to a base layer through itsTRU™ technology, Ecore's woven vinyl products provide durable and premium, textile visuals with added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

Performance Vinyl Tile

Ecore's revolutionary Performance Vinyl Tile is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It's safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products.

OSST Vulcanized Rubber

Made from vulcanized rubber, Ecore's OSST collection brings years of advanced rubber technology, along with thousands of installations on some of the world’s greatest sports arenas. From fitness centers and weight rooms to locker rooms and play areas, OSST provides the durability, response, and performance needed to excel.