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From Belmont Park to Churchill Downs

Some of the most renowned racetracks, show facilities, and veterinary clinics in the world have chosen Ecore for their horse paths, paddocks, saddling enclosures, and more. An alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete, our slip-resistant, bacteria-controlling surfaces are designed to keep horses, riders, and staff safe. Plus, our impact-absorbing technology protects horses’ hooves and joints, so they can perform at their peak for longer—making Ecore not only a healthy choice, but a winning one.

See you in the winner's circle
Best-in-show flooring

Durable? Check. Easy to clean? Check. Attractive? Check. With Ecore flooring for your equine facility, you don’t need to compromise. We deliver outstanding performance and style with unmatched longevity. And our Vulcanized Composition Rubber is engineered to dampen sound, which means a tranquil environment for the entire team, horses and humans alike.

Choosing the right floor is easy

Where aren’t superior durability and slip resistance a good thing? We can’t think of any place. That’s why we’ve made our performance flooring to suit a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including administrative offices, operating rooms, retail centers, barns, rings, and loading zones. Let Ecore be the foundation for your equine facility’s success.

Composition Rubber

Ecore’s line of durable vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surfaces provided added slip resistance, making them an ideal solutions for a variety of applications from cardio and selectorized strength equipment areas to extreme strength and conditioning.