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We're obsessed with energy transfer between humans and floors

It's easy to imagine what we want a product to do: absorb noise, reduce impact, keep us on our feet longer. Figuring out what materials to use, how to combine them, and how to make them work to our advantage requires perseverance and innovation. Our innovative products use three powerful technologies that are better for people, performance, and the planet. 

itsTRU® technology

itsTRU® technology is a proprietary, zero-waste upcycling process that offers a unique combination of benefits that improve the performance of flooring—and the people who use it—while minimizing impact on the planet.

Vulcanized Composition Rubber

From shoe tread to car tires, many of the rubber products we encounter every day are made using calendared rubber. This rubber has been formed into sheets using extreme pressure, which removes much of its innate energy. Instead, we use VCR as the "muscle," or base layer, in our flooring products.

NRG Factor

NRG Factor refers to a surface's ratio of impact reduction to energy restitution. When you make contact with a surface, it absorbs impact as energy leaves your body. Ecore flooring surfaces are different. In addition to absorbing impact energy, our products return positive energy back to your body. This reduces fatigue and keeps you in motion longer.


From indoor and outdoor athletic tracks to indoor courts and multi-purpose athletic surfaces, the OSST Collection performs as hard as you do, supporting your every movement. OSST is designed with advanced rubber technology and superior performance in slip resistance, shock absorption, friction, spike resistance, and strength.


These floors do more

Our premium flooring products are engineered, developed and manufactured to meet the challenges of both commercial and athletic environments, while offering a unique combination of benefits that improve the performance of flooring - and the people that use it.


Acoustic management is essential for creating environments that allow people to focus on reaching and exceeding their goals. We design our floors to absorb sound energy, from weight drops to constant footfall from floors above. When it comes to noise, we believe less is more.


People are most successful in environments that support their bodies, whether training for a 5k or completing grueling physical therapy after an injury. So with ergonomics in mind, we engineer our flooring to benefit a wide range of activities by supporting joints and absorbing impact. Our products return positive energy to the body, enhancing performance. The result? People can do what they love — longer.


Whether you're selecting flooring for a commercial gym, a physical therapy setting, or senior living, choosing the right floor can help mitigate injury, protect the body, and promote the ultimate and safe performance.