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Motivate your inner athlete

Ecore’s Motivate is comprised of 5mm of vulcanized composition rubber. When fusion bonded to a surface layer Motivate introduces added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

All about the Motivate base layer

  1. itsTRU Technology
  2. Surface Layer

All about the Motivate base layer

Key Features

  • Returns a high percentage of energy to the source


When paired with the right surface layer, Ecore's Motivate base layer can be applied in a variety of applications.


Whether your members are going to their first-ever yoga class or working to hit a new personal record, their success begins with your flooring. Ecore's athletic surfaces absorb shock, prevent falls, a...

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Health & Wellness

Bodies in motion require supportive flooring, period. Whether you run a physical therapy clinic or oversee a pharmacy, chances are that a number of people use your floors on a daily basis, so finding ...

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Retail Fitness

The look and feel of your boutique fitness studio is essential to your success, whether you’re providing a sanctuary for yogis or pushing your spin classes to the max. Ecore delivers performance floor...

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Hospitality & Leisure

It may not be a typical A-list concern, but the right hotel flooring can make all the difference… and even get you a five star review. Whether you’re refurbishing your fitness center, resurfacing your...

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Surfacing solutions for every need

When selecting flooring for a fitness, physical therapy or other wellness setting, choosing the right surface is critical to the success of those who use it. Ecore's high-performance flooring options offer unique combinations of benefits for every application—making it the ideal choice across markets.

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