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Flooring solutions made for everyone

The same qualities that make Ecore a favorite of athletes and trainers all over the world make it an excellent option for senior-living facilities. Surprised? Don’t be. Our durable, easy-to-clean flooring is designed with everyone’s safety and comfort in mind. We provide a superior friction coefficient to prevent slips and falls, and impact-absorbing technology to support seniors’ joints and muscles. Can the floor you choose now protect the health and wellness of your residents for years to come? Yes. Ecore. Built by Yes.

Enhance your community with Ecore
Quiet Built In

No hustle, no bustle. Our surfaces are engineered to reduce background noise and promote a tranquil environment for seniors to connect with family, friends, and staff. Install them anywhere you want great acoustics, from rec rooms to residents’ rooms. With Ecore, the floor is the last thing on anyone’s mind. And that’s the way it should be.

Keep seniors and care takers in motion

Ecore’s unmatched ergonomics make it a safe, healthy choice for seniors—and those who support them. Available in a variety of styles, our comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces are suited for many spaces in your senior-living facility, including front desks, administrative offices, physical-therapy rooms, and food-service areas. For people who are on their feet all day, our performance flooring helps them feel their best.

Performance Vinyl Tile

Ecore's revolutionary Performance Vinyl Tile is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It's safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products.

Calendered Rubber

Ecore’s calendered rubber surfaces are PVC free and feature a factory-applied PUR system. With head welded seams, they create a sterile environment. All Calendared Rubber products are fusion bonded to 5mm of vulcanized composition rubber, providing enhanced safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

Safety Vinyl

Ecore’s safety vinyl products feature a highly slip-resistant surface layer, fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for add safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits. These easy-to-maintain surfaces are ideal for wet areas where safety is a priority.