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Take your floor from jacked to stacked with Monster

Ecore's Monster VCR ShockPad provides enhanced safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits when field united to an Ecore surface layer or system. Like a muscle, Monster adds strength and durability for added support on any flooring system.

All about the Monster ShockPad

  1. Base Layer
  2. itsTRU Technology
  3. Surface Layer

All about the Monster ShockPad

Key Features

  • Tailored Force Reduction for intended applications
  • Tailored Energy Restitution for intended applications


When paired with the right surface layer, Ecore's Monster ShockPad can be applied in a variety of applications.

Strength & Conditioning
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Surfacing solutions for every need

When selecting flooring for a fitness, physical therapy or other wellness setting, choosing the right surface is critical to the success of those who use it. Ecore's high-performance flooring options offer unique combinations of benefits for every application—making it the ideal choice across markets.

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