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A new lease on multi-family fitness

Multi-family fitness centers promote wellness, strengthen community, and improve building value—which is why you’ve outfitted yours with state-of-the-art equipment, sound systems, and televisions. But don’t forget a state-of-the-art floor that looks great and stands up to a tough workout. Our durable, easy-to-clean surfaces come in a variety of styles to meet your residents’ needs and your vision. And with impact-absorbing technology, you won’t even hear the medicine ball.

Level up your flooring
From Amenity to Necessity

For many renters, a fitness center is right up there with air-conditioning and laundry on their list of must-haves. Whether they’re striving for one more rep or practicing their chaturanga, they need a foundation that supports their health and wellness. Ecore’s flooring is specifically engineered to minimize falls and protect joints and muscles, so you can keep your residents safe and they can keep doing what they love, longer.

Enhance your community with Ecore

Where aren’t superior durability and slip resistance a good thing? We can’t think of any place. That’s why we’ve made our performance flooring to suit a variety of spaces, including restrooms and locker rooms, pools, and outdoor turf areas. Choosing Ecore means choosing the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of your residents for years to come.

Performance Vinyl Tile

Ecore's revolutionary Performance Vinyl Tile is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It's safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products.

Woven Vinyl

Featuring a woven vinyl surface layer that is fusion bonded to a base layer through itsTRU™ technology, Ecore's woven vinyl products provide durable and premium, textile visuals with added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.

OSST Vulcanized Rubber

Made from vulcanized rubber, Ecore's OSST collection brings years of advanced rubber technology, along with thousands of installations on some of the world’s greatest sports arenas. From community fitness centers and weight rooms to locker rooms, OSST provides the durability, response, and performance needed to excel.