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Recreation flooring for keeping your community in motion

From youth rec to senior strength, you’re responsible for keeping everyone going. Ecore products are cost-effective, durable, and made for the weight room, the locker room, and every room in between. You can make choices that will keep your community healthy, safe, and active for years to come. Your flooring can be the foundation for your programs’ success.

Promote your community’s health with Ecore
Supporting Everyone’s Wellness Goals

Athletes of all ages prefer Ecore flooring. That’s because we design our floors with safety, comfort, and performance in mind. Our process combines ultimate slip-resistance with impact-absorbing technology that protects joints and muscles and returns energy to athletes’ bodies. We make performance surfaces, so people can keep doing what they love, longer.

Endlessly customizable

Available in a variety of styles and colors, with branding options like logos and graphics, there’s an Ecore floor for every space in your facility. Consider our portfolio of flooring solutions for your gyms, tracks, basketball courts, locker rooms, and food-service areas. Wherever you need advanced safety, ergonomics, and acoustics, Ecore’s got you covered.

Heterogeneous Vinyl

Our Heterogenous vinyl flooring products feature a non-porous, printed top layer, providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and a low maintenance cost. All heterogeneous vinyl products are factory fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for increased safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.