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Ecore Puts the Game on Ice with Surfacing for Off-Ice Areas

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Off-ice movement is as easy as gliding across the rink with Blade, a next-generation flooring surface from Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into high-performance products that make people’s lives better. Specifically designed for indoor or outdoor ice rinks where athletes are walking on skates, the product features a dense and durable design for superior blade resistance to withstand skate traffic. Blade also provides exceptional slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions and for those walking without skates.

An ideal solution for ice rink perimeters, walkways, lobbies, and locker rooms, Blade is comprised of 9mm dense, vulcanized composition rubber that absorbs shock and easily resists abrasion and degradation caused by equipment such as ice skate blades. Its nonporous surface handles many types of wet and dry conditions, including water, humidity, dirt, and spills, while providing easy maintenance. Additionally, its surface finish effect (slip resistance or “friction”) is tested to meet ASTM D2047 floor standards.

“While Ecore is well-known as a leading manufacturer and provider of flooring surfaces across the competitive athletics market, Blade further reinforces our commitment to innovation and to being a full-service solutions supplier for ice rink facility managers and owners,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Ecore. “This offering is more than just a floor covering – it’s a step toward reliable, increased safety for hockey players, figure skaters, and other athletes and visitors into ice-centric facilities.”

Providing premium surface visuals and a combination of strength, functionality, and safety, Blade is available in 48”-wide rolls with a maximum length of 85 linear feet. With five color swatches to choose from, it provides architects, designers, and owners with a variety of options for achieving appealing aesthetics with superior performance that makes safety a top priority.

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