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Flooring for healing. Flooring for motion.

Our floors may not have a medical degree, but they’re a critical part of the support team. They mitigate fall-related injuries, provide ergonomic support for therapists during a long workday, and create a sterile environment to prevent infection. Ultimately, flooring that’s good for staff is good for patients and their outcomes. Our floors are specifically engineered to support the effort and process toward recovery and performance enhancement. That’s why rehab, sports medicine, and healthcare facilities around the world give Ecore a clean bill of health.

Enhance patient outcomes and reduce provider burnout
Flooring Becomes Part of the Healing Program

Emotions run high in rehab and sports medicine facilities. Patients, families, doctors, physical therapists, and countless other people vacillate from fear and exhaustion to relief and elation in the span of a few minutes, hours, or days. Ecore flooring physically manages energy to promote balance and peace in a healing environment.

Where sports and medicine collide

Optimum performance is key in the world of sports. Whether an athlete is fine-tuning a program to optimize gains or starting a long road of recovery back to competing on the field, Ecore offers the optimum flooring solution for every space in your rehab or sports medicine facility to create a safe, ergonomic, and quiet environment.

Performance Vinyl Tile

Ecore's revolutionary Performance Vinyl Tile is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It's safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products.


Ecore’s turf surfaces are designed to provide a complete fitness, functional training and competitive experience. Our turf products are durable, slip resistant and provide added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits when fusion bonded or field united to a base layer.

Calendered Rubber

Ecore’s calendered rubber surfaces are PVC free and feature a factory-applied PUR system. With head welded seams, they create a sterile environment. All Calendared Rubber products are fusion bonded to 5mm of vulcanized composition rubber, providing enhanced safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.