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Ergonomics is the science of fitting workspace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of workers. How does flooring help address these challenges?

Ecore transforms reclaimed materials into unique performance surfacing. By knowing how recycled rubber performs, Ecore knows how to make it perform better and adapt it for new uses. Ecore uses patented itstru Technology to create a whole new flooring category of truly sustainable products.

itstru Technology allows a wear layer to be fusion-bonded to a 97-percent post-consumer recycled rubber backing.

This results in products with anti-fatigue capabilities that meet and exceed all standards for low VOC emissions. This revolutionary technology also allows for greater design diversity and more sustainable options.

itstru Technology binds a wear layer with a recycled rubber underlayment.

Step One

Used tires are sourced and collected for shredding.

Step Two

Processed tires are ground into rubber crumb.

Step Three

Adhesive is added and the crumb is cured in large cylinders.

Step Four

The resulting log is peeled to the desired underlayment thickness.

Step Five

The underlayment is fusion bonded to a myriad of wear layers.

Ecore is always open to partnering with the flooring industry's soft and hard surfacing trendsetters to fuse their products, using itstru technology. If you are interested in partnering with Ecore and taking advantage of itstru technology, contact Ecore

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Ecore athletic comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, and, in many cases, eliminates the need for a separate acoustical underlayment.

Today's athletic facilities are different than they were in the past.

From light weight construction to multi-story gyms and users flinging bulkier weights on the floor, today's facilities must take sound transmission into consideration.

When it comes to weight rooms and building acoustics, foam isn't desirable, because it is not durable and is too soft. On the other hand, plastic is too rigid. Rubber has the perfect combination of resilience and internal damping, drastically reducing the propagation of any heavy impacts and vibrations.

Air space provides superior vibration isolation.

One-inch thick footed tiles surpass noise and shock absorption qualities of any other fitness floor.

Can withstand the constant dropping of weights and pounding of equipment while minimizing noise.

8 mm rubber backing reduces spread of heavy impacts and vibrations.

Five mm or 12 mm rubber backing.

Turf wear layer and rubber backing work together to create an acoustically ideal product: absorptive on top, vibration isolating on bottom.