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Environmental Responsibility

Our products are not just sustainable for the environment, but also for the health and well-being of all those that come in contact with them.

Three hands holding recycled rubber particles showcase Ecore's sustainability focus.

Reducing Our Impact

As an industry leader in recycled products technology, our products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities where we focus on and strive to continually improve our efficiency and responsible resource management. To that end, we have developed energy-efficient manufacturing processes that does not includes smokestacks, uses minimal water and little or no heat, and we reuse our scrap to minimize waste.

Water Conservation

We employ a closed loop chilling system, re-circulating water rather than releasing it into the sewer system. This process allows us to conserve 17.5 million gallons of water each year and ensures that the absolute minimum amount of fresh water is used in our manufacturing facilities.

Air Quality Control

By selecting only the highest quality raw materials and developing a strict manufacturing process, Ecore is able to ensure that harmful emissions are not given off to employees or the environment. In addition, several of our products have earned FloorScore certification.

Recycling Efforts

Our products are packaged on wooden pallets and use recycled newspaper or cardboard for shipment. On-site recycling bins ensure that all other waste paper, cardboard, and plastic from incoming deliveries is diverted from area landfills as well. Our recycling efforts don't stop with our products or our manufacturing plants; Ecore actively recycles paper, plastic, and cans at its office facilities.

Energy Stewardship

At Ecore we have developed exclusive, state of the art equipment and manufacturing processes specifically designed to improve the quality of our products and increase energy efficiency. By incorporating these proprietary methods, we are able to use 40% less energy than standard industry procedures. The amount of natural gas we conserve each year could service 120 average American homes.

Ecore has adopted energy-efficient approaches to lighting our plants. We have changed light bulbs in our manufacturing facilities from fluorescent lights to highly efficient LED bulbs.

Rubber Crumb: The Facts

There have been questions about the safety of crumb rubber or recycled rubber chips. A number of states and associations in the U.S.A. have conducted independent, third-party tests that demonstrate, unequivocally, recycled rubber crumb poses NO RISK to people or pets. For more information, view these tests/studies.

Ecore is at the forefront of the recycled rubber movement and is a founding member of the Recycled Rubber Safety Council.

All our testing has proven that Ecore surfaces are fully compliant with all the regulations required by the EPA and other regulatory organizations – so, rest assured, recycled rubber is safe!

For more on our environmental certifications and transparency documents, please visit our Transparency & Certifications page.

Ecore also conducts its own testing to ensure our products are safe:

  • We test multiple samples yearly, for VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) according to the California 01350 test protocol, for FloorScore certification
  • We routinely test for Heavy Metals (and Lead in particular) to comply with the EPA and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), as well as REACH and RoHS regulations.
  • We also periodically test random samples for Semi-volatiles (PAH’s – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), phthalates such as DINP, DPHP, etc etc., and PBBs (polybrominated biphenols)