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Getting Real About Rubber

Here’s the thing about rubber: You can use it, abuse it, shred it, and repurpose it—infinitely. So, why are people throwing away their tires when the treads go bald or, worse, burning them? Not only is this contributing to widespread pollution, but it’s economically wasteful.

Ecore has been reimagining the lifecycle of rubber, starting at the so-called end. We intercept rubber waste and use it to create performance flooring that's better for people and the planet. This goes beyond recycling; it’s upcycling, harnessing the inherent characteristics of rubber to do more.

Rubber is gold.

Let's stop throwing it away.

Use the visualizer below to discover the innovative ways we upcycle rubber.

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Monster Truck

Sustain | Ability

Upcycling is just part of what we’re doing to become sustainable. We’ve spent decades refining our process to reduce harmful emissions, conserve water, and reuse our scraps.

We’re here to show other manufacturers that sustainability can equal profitability. By intercepting rubber from waste streams and pioneering an efficient manufacturing process, we’re able to make looks-great, feels-even-better flooring for everyone.


Performance lost in the rubber reclamation process

Innovation and expertise? Yes.

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11 Million kg

of CO2 Emissions avoided by reclaiming rubber truck tires

Based on the emission factor for a 110 lb tire

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111 Million lbs

Rubber diverted from landfill

Efficient upcycling process? Perfected.

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1,500 + Unique Products

Created from reclaimed rubber materials... and counting

Manufacturer responsibility
for waste elimination? Accepted.

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The Future Is Circular

Sustainable practices like these are the first step toward a future where rubber is never wasted. But we can’t get there alone—businesses and consumers need to understand their roles in the circular rubber economy and work together to keep it in continuous motion.


Ecore takes care of the hard work: bringing designs to life at one of our manufacturing facilities.


Driven consumers seek out sustainable products and support the RubberZero movement by purchasing the innovative products brought to market by Ecore and our partners.


Ecore collaborates with forward thinking businesses and partners to design innovative products and facilities that utilize up-cycled materials.


Ecore’s Rubber flooring products are reclaimed through our Green Warranty program after they reach the end of their lifecycle. Ecore also accepts reclaimed rubber materials from other sources and reintroduces it as raw material after processing at one of our rubber reclamation facilities.