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Engineered for fitness, sports, play, or recovery – Ecore’s rubber flooring complements any architectural design, no matter the specifications. From tracks to courts and every athletic space in between, our quality rubber surfaces are truly multi-solution. We make it easy to choose the right rubber flooring that’s durable, beautiful, and safe for any space. 

Group of four athletes sprinting on a blue track, focusing on their race.

Flooring design flexibility

Ecore’s itsTRU® Technology is our patented process that allows us to create custom combinations of VCR—the "muscle" that keeps bodies in motion—and the surface layer that matches your aesthetic and athletic goals. 

Two women practicing yoga poses in a modern gym with large mirrors and motivational quote on the wall.

Exceptional rubber flooring. Exceptional projects.

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Sustainability is at our core.

Ecore’s state-of-the-art equipment produces the cleanest, most consistent, and highest quality rubber materials available in the market. Our sustainable surfaces are the right combination of safety, durability, ergonomic, and acoustic performance athletes need to achieve greatness.

Close-up of a hand holding recycled rubber granules used in Ecore flooring, showing texture and details.