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Product Specs

  1. Surface Layer
    2mm Homogeneous Vinyl wear layer
  2. itsTRU Fusion Bond
    Proprietary itsTRU™ technology fusion-bonds the wear layer to the VCR base layer
  3. Base Layer
    5mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber base layer
  4. Roll
    7mm (.28") x 72" (1.83m) x 30 LF (9.14m)

Product Specs

Get a grip with added safety and ergonomic benefits

Offering ergonomic support and comfort underfoot, HydroGrip is an easy-to-maintain surface ideal for wet areas, locker rooms, and bathrooms where safety is a top priority.

Force Reduction

The amount of energy this surface absorbs.


Energy Restitution

The amount of useful energy this surface returns.


Key Features

  • Made with reclaimed rubber materials
  • Slip resistant to mitigate falls
  • Scuff and mark resistant
  • Able to withstand traffic and impact abuse
  • Highly sanitary and free of micro-organisms
  • Will not absorb moisture or bacteria
  • Easy to maintain and sanitize
  • High coefficient of friction in wet and dry areas

Performance Qualities

By harnessing the attributes of VCR, we've designed innovative surfaces that make people's lives better.

10 out of 10


The ability to mitigate injury and protect the body.

5 out of 10


The support provided in the form of force reduction and energy restitution.

5 out of 10


The ability to manage impact energy and reduce noise.

Color Options

Actual color may vary from on-screen representation and samples. Please contact your local sales rep for additional information.

White Water
River Glen
Deep Lake
Natural Pond
Black Sea
Tidal Pool


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