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For spaces where safety is a top priority

Wet environments call for flooring that helps protect against safety hazards. Our HydroGrip surface layer is slip-resistant and helps mitigate the chance of falls, making it ideal for bathrooms, locker rooms, and other wet areas.

With a non-porous and heat-welded surface that stops germs and bacteria from hiding in floor crevices, HydroGrip is one of Ecore's most hygienic surfaces. These properties make it the ideal flooring solution for food service facilities, labs, and clinical settings, as well as therapy and rehab offices.

Key Features

  • Slip resistant to mitigate falls
  • Scuff and mark resistant
  • Able to withstand traffic and impact abuse
  • Highly sanitary and free of micro-organisms
  • Will not absorb moisture or bacteria
  • Easy to maintain and sanitize
  • High coefficient of friction in wet and dry areas

HydroGrip Collection

HydroGrip Motivate

HydroGrip Motivate features a superior slip-resistant surface layer fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer.

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