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Ecore and USRPA are “Going for Green” for Earth Day 2021

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Ecore and the USA Women's 7s Players of the United States Rugby Players Association (USRPA) have teamed up and are “Going for Green” together in a national, interactive campaign to plant 5,000 trees for Earth Day. The campaign will benefit the nonprofit,, which aims to reduce extreme poverty and contributes to decarbonization by employing local communities to aid in global reforestation. 

Ecore and USRPA encourage you to “actively” help the environment this Earth Day 2021 by joining them in “Going for Green” to plant trees just by exercising between April 20-27. To participate, simply download the Active Giving digital fitness app, create a profile, and join the USA Women’s 7s Players and Ecore Team under the “menu” button by using code RUGGFG. Then get moving by walking, running, biking, swimming, lifting or engaging in other types of exercise. Once you enter the distance or duration of your activity, the app will calculate how many trees you helped the team plant.

“As we focus on a planet free of rubber waste while transforming reclaimed materials into performance products that make people’s lives better, we are proud to support women’s athletics by partnering with USRPA on this fun event,” said Allison Porter, Director of Sales East and Strategic Accounts for Ecore.

Trees are crucial in mitigating climate change and the damaging consequences that come with it. Trees clean the air by absorbing harmful pollutants and sweeping up dust and smoke. They balance atmospheric carbon dioxide levels by storing it within them, stabilizing soil and life. Trees also moderate local climates by providing shade and regulating extreme temperatures.

To help promote the program, the USA Women’s 7s Team Players will be sharing their activity through their individual pages and encouraging fans to join and spark the planting of trees by logging their exercise activity into the Active Giving app. Alena Olsen, USA Women’s 7s Player and USRPA Player Board Member, added, “every day we are looking for ways to harness the power of our team and of our community, seeking to accomplish together what wasn’t possible alone. We can’t win Gold without each other and solving the climate crisis has to be done the same way.” Rugby fans can contribute to the cause by planting their own trees and sharing on social media to encourage others to join.

“Our goal is to encourage healthy activity among fans of Ecore and fans of the USA Women’s 7s Team Players while simultaneously making a tangible contribution toward solving the climate crisis,” said Porter. “We encourage everyone to join us as we work out and work toward planting 5,000 trees this Earth Day.”

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