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Too Good to be True? No itsTRU!

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AUTHOR: Bo Barber, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Although Ecore has been in business for 150 years, we only just began manufacturing rubber surfaces in the late 1980's. Even younger still is our company’s patented itsTRU™ technology that we first took to market in 2012.

Engineered with a proprietary, zero-waste upcycling process, itsTRU™ technology offers a unique combination of benefits that improves the performance of flooring – and the people who use it – while minimizing impact on the planet. 

Offering performance flooring that improves the lives of people while also benefiting the environment? This sounds too good to be true! How is this possible? No, itsTRU!

Built on itsTRU™ technology
Ecore has been able to achieve these amazing feats by creating a culture based on the idea of optimism. When optimism for change is met with an aptitude for change amazing things can happen! One of which is innovation, and this is how Ecore created itsTRU™ technology. This patented process enables Ecore to fusion-bond virtually any flooring surface to an Ecore Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) backing. 

When Ecore took itsTRU™ technology to market in 2012, it was a pivotal moment for Ecore to be able to accelerate our mission – transforming reclaimed materials into performance products that make people’s lives better – while having a positive impact on people’s lives. itsTRU™ technology allows Ecore to combine the inherit performance of VCR with an endless array of surface layers, including  VCR, turf, vinyl, and carpet, while also benefiting people and the planet. 
Stack of flooring

The magic of MORE is the ability to manage and balance Force Reduction and Energy Restitution. This finely tuned balance is referred to as eNeRGy or Ecore’s NRG Factor, and is the power that is itsTRU™ technology. Ecore’s NRG factor provides floors with the ability to do MORE! By combining this NRG “muscle” with an endless array of wear layers and design options, itsTRU™ technology offers on-trend visuals with superior ergonomics, safety, and positive acoustic benefits. 

PEOPLE A woman practices yoga.
Flooring enhanced with itsTRU™ technology helps people perform better and do what they love longer by reducing impact, supporting joints, reducing fall-related injury risk, and mitigating noise. Ecore also supports the people it employs by offering good jobs with growth potential.

PRODUCTS A pile of old and shredded rubber tires.
Ecore’s products are upcycled! Ecore diverts truck tires from the waste stream and transforms them into innovative flooring products. The surfaces that Ecore creates are more valuable and desirable in the second life than in its first as a tire! This allows Ecore to accelerate our impact on people and the planet! 

PLANET Empowered by Ecore.
Ecore is Landfill Negative! Ecore diverted more than 112 million pounds of truck tires from landfills in 2019, while only contributing 8.7 million pounds of waste to landfills. Not many flooring manufacturers can operate with a circular economy that upcycles raw materials, provides zero waste and carbon neutrality!

This unique balance of people, product & planet is what differentiates the Ecore brand and allows us to offer flooring solutions in addition to sharing itsTRU™ technology with the industry, in order to benefit as many people as possible. Learn more HERE. Surfaces featuring itsTRU™ technology are ideal for a variety of industries, including fitness, sports and recreation, health, and wellness, and commercial. 

Cross sections of Ecore floors. Can a flooring manufacturer be committed to performance and the planet? Yes! Any surface featuring itsTRU™ technology helps people perform better and do what they love longer by providing more.

Ecore offers products featuring feature itsTRU™ technology under both its Athletic and Commercial brands that are designed to optimize MORE performance while also being durable with low maintenance.

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