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Performance. People. Planet.

Who We Are

The Ecore brand is rooted in making people's lives better. We are deeply committed to keeping bodies in motion—today, tomorrow, and in future generations—and our business, product development, and manufacturing practices reflect this.

We like to think of the planet as our ultimate base layer. From inception onward, our products maximize performance for people and the planet

Providing our customers with MORE

Ecore's patented itsTRU™ technology results in flooring that provides MORE safety, MORE sound and vibration absorption, and MORE enhanced force reduction and energy restitution.

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Support joints and absorb impact, benefitting a wide range of activities. The result? People can do what they love longer.

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Falls and fall-related injuries are major issues in commercial flooring. Our resilient flooring products have a high coefficient of friction for slip-resistance, helping to reduce risk.

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When it comes to noise, we believe less is more. We design our floors to absorb sound energy, from weight drops to footfall from floors above.

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Our Story

Ecore transforms reclaimed materials into performance surfaces that make people's lives better. How? By providing our customers with MORE.

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Board of Directors

Meet the nine individuals that comprise the Ecore Board of Directors.

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