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Our products are unique because they provide more.

Ecore has engineered a variety of premium flooring products developed and manufactured to meet the challenges of both commercial and athletic environments.

Ecore creates performance surfaces that empower everyday champions.

Our resilient flooring products utilize vulcanized composition rubber to:

  • Reduce the risk of injury from a fall
  • Reduce the risk of falls
  • Surfaces with high coefficient of friction for slip resistance

How Supportive Is Your Surface?

1. Concrete, 2. Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 3. Rubber Sheet 2mm, 4. Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 5. VCT, 6. Linoleum, 7. Forest Rx, 8. Aurora, 9. Strait Rx, 10. Carpet 34oz 1/10 ga loop
*Based on the Deltec Test

Falls and injuries from falls continue to persist throughout the commercial flooring environment, affecting the overall quality of life.

In all Commercial or public locations, slip reduction and injury mitigation lowers financial risk and liability.

1. Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm*, 2. Linoleum 2.5mm*, 3. LVT 2.5mm, 4. Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 5. Rubber Sheet 2mm, 6. Aurora, 7. Forest/Strait Rx
*Exceeds test equipment limit of 1,000 G's.

Ecore's surfaces featuring itsTRU™ technology can help prevent serious injuries when falls occur.

  • Ecore surfaces have been tested for G-Max using the Clegg Machine protocol. A conventional mathematical formula is often used to convert Clegg test results to ASTM F355 result for comparison purposes.
  • When using this protocol to compare traditional flooring products to the Ecore Rx Collection, the Rx surfaces demonstrate up to a 35.5% reduction in impact acceleration.
  • At medical facilities, reducing injury from falls may reduce unbudgeted and non-reimbursable treatment charges.

Because at Ecore, safety is MORE.