Community Outreach

Why we give.

Ecore’s mission is to transform reclaimed materials into performance surfaces that make people’s lives better. In addition to making people’s lives better by manufacturing surfaces for athletic and commercial markets, Ecore wants to make people’s lives better in the communities in which our employees live and work. As a result the Ecore Employee Community Outreach Fund was established in 2018. Each year, the Ecore Executive Team allocates a certain amount of funding to be used to assist organizations in the counties of York and Lancaster, PA.

How We Give

Any Non-for-Profit organization that is interested in applying for assistance should fill out the form below, where it will reviewed by the Ecore Employee Community Outreach Committee. If selected, the organization will receive a monetary donation* or in kind donation (surfaces). All submissions will be reviewed at least once per month. We give the following:

  • Financial Support
  • Floor Surfacing
  • Volunteerism Support

Criteria for Submission

  • All requests must be vetted through the Ecore Employee Community Outreach Committee. No Ecore employee can make charitable financial commitments without going through this process.
  • Group seeking funds must be a non-profit organization
  • Organization must be located in or benefit people in Lancaster or York Counties in PA
  • Group must demonstrate Ecore’s mission and/or core values (excellence, compassion, innovation, trust & empowerment)
  • Organization must work in or support one of these areas:
    • Education
    • Community & Civic Development
    • Environmental Stewardship & Conservation
  • Funds will be prorated quarterly, on a first come, first serve basis, and reviewed by the Ecore Employee Community Outreach Committee for award determination
  • Ecore Employee Community Outreach Committee will have a minimum of 4 weeks to review each request
Submit an Outreach Request