Inspiration is what drives ECORE and the people we employ. We are always looking to set new industry standards through the products we create while helping to improve people’s lives every day. Our products make homes and businesses quieter and stores and schools look their best. They allow cars to perform at their peak and help to ensure the safety of astronauts aboard the space shuttle. You’ll find what we make in your local fitness center to put that extra bounce in your workout and at your neighborhood playground to keep your children injury free. And you are just as likely to find us on the football field and in the horse paddock as you are in the community library. At some point in your life – at home, work, or play – you will encounter an ECORE product that is making a difference.


Without imagination, ECORE would not be what it is today with the smartest, most elegant solutions on the market. The imagination of ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring which combined functional recycled rubber with brilliant flecks of color creating elegant designs while entering recycled rubber into the commercial market. The imagination of ECO98, an interlocking carpet tile that is designed with extreme durability for easy installation and easy cleaning, but is also made with a wear layer that boasts it is 100 percent recycled (from plastic bottles) and a nearly 97 percent recycled rubber backing. The imagination of ‘itstru technology’ which was years in the making and is in the process of setting new paradigms for the flooring industry by combining a nearly 100 percent recycled rubber backing to not just rubber, but carpet, LVT and others. I’m sure you can’t wait to see what we’ll come up with next!


ECORE employs some of the most driven, dedicated and talented engineers, scientists, customer service representatives, regional managers and sales agents in our industry. Because of their ingenuity, ECORE is creating new paradigms, not just in the recycled rubber industry, but in the entire flooring industry.