Rubber Crumb

There have been many questions that have arisen in the past few years that question the safety of crumb rubber or recycled rubber chips, more specifically the loose recycled rubber chips that can be found on turf fields and playgrounds. A number of states and associations have conducted tests and released reports to help clear up any misconceptions related to recycled crumb rubber safety. All of the results confirm that surfacing made from crumb rubber is safe for the environment and for the communities that use them. It is unequivocal that exposure to crumb rubber products poses NO risk to adults, children, or pets.

Crumb rubber does not pollute the earth or water tables. It does not contain harmful levels of lead and the material concentrations that make up tire rubber are far below levels that are considered harmful. The EPA performed tests on crumb rubber and published results in December 2009 on their website in an article titled, The Use of Recycled Tire Materials on Playgrounds & Artificial Turf Field. The summary of results stated, "On average, the concentrations of components monitored in this study were below levels of concern."

Similar conclusions have been established on the international front. In a study on the assessment of health risks from recycled crumb rubber the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Radium Hospital stated, "On the basis of estimated exposure values and the doses/concentrations which can cause harmful effects in humans or in animal experiments, it is concluded that the use of artificial turf halls does not cause any elevated health risk. This applies to children, older children, juniors and adults." The International Federation of Association Football in Switzerland also states, Epidemiological studies conducted by the Health Effects Institute, The World Health Organisation and other investigators do not implicate tire wear particles in ambient air as contributing to human health effects (respiratory and cardiovascular diseases).

Many of the links listed at right reinforce what the recycled rubber industry has known for years: our products are not just sustainable for the environment, but also for the health and well-being of all those that come in contact with them. A list of independent study results is available for your review. To learn more about recycled rubber, visit: