Our Ecological Commitment

Even before "green" was the white-hot business trend, ECORE International had established itself as a company dedicated to protecting the environment. In many ways, our fundamental offering – technologies derived from recycled rubber products – makes us inherently earth-friendly and empowers others to share our dedication.

ECORE is North America’s largest consumer of recycled scrap-tire rubber, reusing over 75 million pounds of material each year. That’s the equivalent of keeping over 2,000 trailer loads of discarded tires out of America’s landfills or conserving more than one million barrels of oil. And we actively encourage our customers to join the movement. Through our Redeux program, participating building professionals can recycle any ECORE product at the end of its useful life. The reclaimed material will be made into new flooring, underlyaments and industrial products by ECORE, extending the life of each product we manufacture and keeping rubber waste out of the landfill.

But our eco-logical commitment goes far beyond the landfill. We hire brilliant people, and then let them roll up their sleeves and come up with brilliant ideas. Here’s one: ECORE controls every aspect of its operations to limit waste, cut energy use, protect natural resources and ensure product safety. Here’s another: We don’t just follow best practices – we develop smarter processes and systems to make best practices even better. It’s how we’re able to produce 2,628,208 pounds of waste a year, but send only 1.3 percent of it to the landfill!

Finally, we always walk the walk by seeking programs and organizations that share our mission to protect the planet. We’re active members of many organizations, and many of our products have earned third-party certifications for their compliance with rigorous environmental standards.

That’s what ECORE means by eco-logical – smart people working in smart ways to make smart products.